Hi there and welcome to this blog about the Norfolk Art Scene. So why this blog? I love the theatre, I love a gig… I genuinely enjoy an excuse for a night out. And Norfolk has so many theatres offering so much but continually I find myself sat in half empty theatres when various shows come to town. More disappointing is that whenever I show up on Facebook as attending a performance, the comments I receive show me there are many more like me who would love to see the performance, but I’m normally met with the comment “that looks so good…. I wish I knew it was on.”

The second thing I get told often is that “Norfolk has no arts scene” or “nothing good comes to our theatres” and here’s the reality if you want great productions you have to go and see what’s on already. Theatre producers will typically choose theatres that are able to sell their tickets. Therefore it’s a self fulfilling prophecy when we say we do not go as nothing good is available to us.

I once went to the Seagull Theatre in Lowestoft to see Rubbering by the local playwright James McDermott it was a great one man show deserving of anyone’s attention. Tickets were only ¬£6 and yet there was only 10 people in the audience that night. It was disappointing to see this young artist share his soul with us but knowing that no one came out for him. He deserves attention and so do many other shows that come to the region!

So how will the blog work? Every Sunday I will write about some shows that are on in the coming week. I will tempt to pick shows which still have availability so you can actually see them (there is little point writing about productions or shows that have already sold out). I will also keep a listing of the biggest theatres in the region and what’s on and available. To be clear I have no affiliation with any theatre so whatever I write is purely based on my own desire. I cannot promise to see every show I write about either as like many I have work and commitments, but know I will be at as many as I can.

I will avoid reviewing productions where possible, I am of the belief art is subjective and therefore it’s for you to judge not me. If I write about anything truly terrible or amazing let me know so I can review my thinking for future posts.

To be clear this is for people who live in the NR postcodes, if there are any venues or shows that you feel need some attention please contact me on whatsonnru@gmail.com

I am also available on twitter as @nearWhats and Instagram: whatsonnru1

I welcome anyway to help promote Norfolk Arts Scene better so comment and get in touch!

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